Adam Gase open to relinquishing playing-calling duties


The Jets rank 31st in total offense, including 32nd in passing. They have scored six offensive touchdowns and are averaging 15 points a game as a team.

It invited a question to Adam Gase from J.P. Pelzman of on Monday: Would the head coach consider relinquishing play-calling duties?

“I don’t think I’m ever opposed to trying to change things up,” Gase said. “I’d say everything’s on the table.”

The change of quarterbacks — Sam Darnold was injured — didn’t help as the Jets lost 30-10 to the Cardinals with Joe Flacco at the helm. Maybe a change in play-callers will?

“I’m considering everything, whatever can help us turn things in the right direction,” Gase said.

Gase said he has thought about giving up play-calling at times over the past four years. It certainly can’t hurt to try it.