Seahawks’ defense on pace to shatter NFL record for most yards allowed


The Seahawks are on pace for an NFL record they’d rather not break.

Seattle’s defense has allowed 2,356 yards this season. That’s not just the most in the NFL this year, it’s a record pace: At their current pace of allowing 471 yards a game, the Seahawks would allow 7,539 yards in a 16-game season. That’s by far the worst ever.

Only one team in NFL history has allowed 7,000 yards in a season: The 2012 Saints, who allowed 7,042 yards.

The biggest difference between those Saints and these Seahawks is that the Saints went 7-9 in 2012, but the Seahawks are 5-0 this season. The Seahawks’ defense is giving up a lot of yardage, but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense are playing well enough that the defense hasn’t lost any games.